As a qualified therapist I am here to give you the best possible treatment and outcome. 

With plenty of services available, no matter what you need I can support you, have you got an event coming up? Do your employees need some relief from sitting at the computer? Does your gym, dance company or performing arts society need someone they can call? 

Whatever YOU need, I can accommodate.


Taking Care of Your Athletes

Whether it be regular visits to your theatre, rehearsal space or gym, I can set up my equipment needed in a room, in the open space to treat your athletes. 
Do you want your competition teams to be at their peak performance? 
Do you want someone there during the competition to be on hand to treat to keep them going? I can travel, I can be flexible. It's YOUR journey.

Jumping Dancer


The Care your Employees Deserve

The past couple of years wellbeing in the workplace has exploded, research shows that around 11 millions working days are being missed by employees. 
I can be there to relieve the tension held in the shoulders from sitting at a computer, I can advise of exercises to be done throughout the day to keep your employees awake and alert. 
Do you want your employees to work and work hard? 
Flexible and easy, I can be there where you need me.



Keeping YOU in tip top condition

Do you have an event coming up? 

Together we can create a plan leading up to, and after your event. We want to keep your muscles moving, preventing injury prior to your event, afterwards, we want to hit the recovery stage quick so you can get back on your feet and get back into training! 

Do you need me to supply my services at an event? 

Get in contact with me and I can assure you I won't let you down! 

Need my help, I'll be there!

Private Event Rentals

Each service is tailored to you.

There is no set price, no set times and no set place.

These services are flexible and completely down to you, your company, your athletes or your event organisers. 

Just get in touch and we can arrange something that suits you.