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Sports Massage is for everyone, read below and learn why!

Psychological Benefits;

1. Increased Mood - a chemical, Serotonin and a group of hormones - Endorphins, are released into the bloodstream through massage and different massage techniques. They are responsible for our moods. And so an increase in Serotonin and Endorphins creates a sense of happiness and therefore an increase in your mood!

2. An Increase in Energy - through certain massage techniques, we can leave you feeling energised. Whether that need is in the morning to prepare you for a day of errands and work, or whether you have an event coming up such as, an ultra marathon or any type of competition, there are certain ways we can help you to get you on your feet.

3. Improved Quality of Sleep - massage helps to relieve the body of any stresses, this can help with the tensions that come with day to day situations which you may or may not have control over, however, either way we can relieve you of those stresses allowing those situations to become much more manageable.

4. Decrease in Tiredness and Fatigue - do you feel tired, fatigued or heavy? As described above, massage can help boost energy and improve your quality of sleep, whether it's tiredness of the muscles due to overtraining or whether you've been on your feet all day at work, massage can help to remove the toxins such as Lactic Acid and kick start and aid your recovery process.

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See you soon!

Charlotte :)

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