Whichever way the arrow points, it always goes forward.

I recognise the importance of being a therapist who is there with YOU on YOUR journey. 

I hope to provide my clients with the best services I can offer. I want them to be individual to each and everyone of you, as I know from my personal past experiences it is the only way you will get to where you want to be.

With the ability to move with you, I can be flexible for your needs. Whether you need help at an event nationally, or you need me personally here in Leicester, I'll be with you.

Senior Physiotherapy
Senior Therapy
Physical Therapy Session
Exercise Bands



Initial Consultation

Sports Injury

Sports Massage

Old Payphones

Online Assessments

Through discussion and a range of tests, we together can pinpoint where we need to work and any underlying problems we may need to pick up on.


Sports massage has a range of benefits and can work on anyone, from dog walkers to elite athletes, I am here to relieve the tensions of day to day activities and full time training, with everything in between.

From £30

For those of you who are not sure what they need and who they need to see. I allow for one to one skype calls available to everyone.

Not sure what's going on? Haven't been to see anyone before? Need some advice? Get in touch for a half an hour video call to see how you're getting on in your journey and how you should go forward.



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